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Håll dig uppdaterad med det senaste. Vi fyller ständigt på med nya e juicer, batterier, förångare och andra produkter. 

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Stentorian RAM BF Squonker MOD
The Stentorian RAM BF is an elegant bottom filling Squonker MOD. The RAM Squonker is powered by a single 18650 cell with 7ml squonk bottle so that you can enjoy a full day vaping.
799 kr
Smoant Charon TS Touch Screen TC 218w MOD
Smoant Charon TS Mod is powered by dual 18650 batteries, which features 218W maximum output power with TC and VW function.
999 kr
Horny Strawberry
65ML | 50VG/50PG | For NicShot Sensational smooth creamy. Strawberry flavor with subtle pastry under tones sweetened to perfection and excitement.
249 kr
Fizzy Mango
65ML | 70VG/30PG | For NicShot The taste of real ripe Asian Mango. Sweet and delicious mango! Imagine the mango flesh which is dark yellow/orange, blended with low cooling effects, YUMMY!
179 kr
Fizzy Grape
65ML | 70VG/30PG | For NicShot Unlike other grape flavors, Mohawk & Co.'s Fizzy Grape has no chemical tastes, only pure authentic taste of grapes. Fantastic for grape fans out there!
179 kr
Fizzy Pineapple
65ML | 70VG/30PG | For NicShot Looking for a great taste of pineapple? You come to the right place! Simply the best authentic pineapple flavor. Tropical fruits flavors are Mohawk & Co. speciality!
179 kr
Fizzy Strawberry
65ML | 70VG/30PG | For NicShot Sweet strawberry flavor mixed with special ingredients just to bring up the strawberry taste. Perfect strawberry, simply perfect!
179 kr
CoV Kindred 2
The Kindred II comes with a flat trigger, recessed ridge top cap, decreased voltage drop, and upgraded recessed reverse locking ring. The perfect device for a vape enthusiast, through and through.
269 kr
CoV Mini Volt V2
The Mini Volt 40W V2 is the exact same box mod as its predecessor the Mini Volt, but with some new features.
339 kr
CoV Tempest 200w
The Tempest is 200w Temperature control mod, its an extremely powerful 3-battery, 200-watt beast of cloud production. The clean and elegant shape features carbon fiber side panels and brushed metal finishing touches.
499 kr
CoV Mega Volt 80w
The Mega Volt is the first 80W mini mod.Like a smart car with a ferrari engine.This stealthy mini mod has amazing power. The mega volt is the fasted charging mod on the market,reaching a full charge in as little as 30 minutes.
419 kr
VGOD Elite MECH MOD is a high-end mechanical box MOD with fantastic quality and performance - "flare grip" chassis with hard hitting copper construction, VGOD flag crest and deep VGOD engraving.
1199 kr
eLeaf ERLQ Coil
Extra coil till Melo RT 25.
29 kr
Nitecore NEW i2 V2
Universalladdare från Nitecore som laddar två batterier.
189 kr
Wick n Vape Cotton Bacon V2
Consumed by millions of vapoteurs in the world every day, it is the No. 1 cottons on the market.
49 kr
Wick n Vape Cotton Bacon Bits
Consumed by millions of vapoteurs in the world every day, it is the No. 1 cottons on the market.
29 kr
GeekVape Ekologisk Japansk Bomull
"Koh Gen Do", från Japan är perfekt för dig som vill göra dina egna coils.
19 kr
SMOK ProColor TC 225w
SMOK ProColor MOD is powered by dual 18650 batteries with max 225W output, innovative shield shaped area, big fire key, VT/ VW(Ti,Ni,SS)/ MEMORY modes and 6 adjustable LED.
719 kr
Ice Lime Peach
60ML | 70VG/30PG | For NicShot The true taste of peach with a touch of lemon ice.
239 kr
Ice Lime Blackcurrant
60ML | 70VG/30PG | For NicShot The true flavor of blackcurrant with a touch of lemon ice.
239 kr
Ice Lime Watermelon
60ML | 70VG/30PG | For NicShot The true flavor of the watermelon with a touch of lemon ice.
239 kr
Fizzy Wildberries
65ML | 70VG/30PG | For NicShot Mixture of 3 forest berries that we like to keep it secret and we called it wildberries.
179 kr
Fizzy Orange
65ML | 70VG/30PG | For NicShot Sounds delicious? Yes it is! The taste of orange flavor, similar taste to the popular drink of Fanta Orange!
179 kr
Fizzy Bull
65ML | 70VG/30PG | For NicShot The taste of the famous redbull drink with actual feeling of fizziness.
179 kr
Fizzy Kola
65ML | 70VG/30PG | For NicShot The taste of the famous cola flavor with a touch of fizziness.
179 kr
Horny Pineapple
65ML | 50VG/50PG | For NicShot The true tropical taste of pineapple with just the right level of sweetness. Blended for optimal flavor and relaxing felling.
249 kr
HS Menthol Sensation
10ML | 30VG/70PG HS Menthol Sensation från Vapeson.
29 kr
10ML | 30VG/70PG Vanilla från Vapeson.
29 kr
Super Mint
10ML | 30VG/70PG Super Mint från Vapeson.
29 kr
10ML | 30VG/70PG RY6 från Vapeson.
29 kr
10ML | 30VG/70PG Strawberry från Vapeson.
29 kr
Lemon Cake
10ML | 70VG/30PG Lemon Cake från Vapeson.
29 kr
10ML | 70VG/30PG Blueberry från Vapeson.
29 kr
Horny Red Apple
65ML | 50VG/50PG | For NicShot It tastes like Red Apple, smells like Red Apple and even looks like a Red Apple juice!
249 kr
118ML | Essens Absinthe Soluble Flavoring.
189 kr
Sweet N Sour Gummy Candy
60ML | 67VG/33PG | For NicShot A sparkling treat of special fruit flavors combined with sweet and sour gummy candy.
249 kr
The Golden Chocolate
60ML | 67VG/33PG | For NicShot An irresistible combination of selected gourmet chocolates, creamy milk and notes of vanilla grains.
249 kr
The Hive Custard
60ML | 67VG/33PG | For NicShot Smooth and luxurious vanilla custard with honey cream and notes of juicy lemon.
249 kr
The Blueberry Milkshake
60ML | 67VG/33PG | For NicShot Creamy, soft and sweet home made vanilla ice cream, blended with fresh milk and juicy blueberrys.
249 kr
Powered by dual 18650 batteries, VOOPOO DRAG supports max 157w output power. It features GENE chip, super mode and fastest fire speed - 0.025s.
699 kr
Geekvape Aegis TC 100w
GeekVape Aegis is a robust TC box MOD, featuring waterproof, shockproof and dust-proof design and 0.015s instantaneous firing. You can use 26650 or 18650 battery cell with the Aegis.
769 kr
SMOK V8 Baby-Q2 EU
Extra coil till SMOK TFV8 Big Baby.
39 kr
SMOK Vape Pen X4
Extra coil till SMOK Vape Pen, Vape Pen 22 och Vape Pen Plus.
29 kr
Horny Pimberry
65ML | 50VG/50PG | For NicShot A wonderful fusion of pineapple, strawberry and melon. A truly unique fruity experience!
249 kr
Horny Mango
65ML | 50VG/50PG | For NicShot No words can describe the taste. This is how the fountain of youth would taste like.
249 kr
Horny Pomberry
65ML | 50VG/50PG | For NicShot A mixture of crazy fruit, from strawberry to Mangosteen Fruit, passing through fresh melon. An explosion of flavors that will re-energize your senses!
249 kr
Cush Man
50ML | 70VG/30PG | For NicShot You’ll never find this one of the best fruity-taste of this mango flavoured e-juice.
209 kr
Green Ape
50ML | 70VG/30PG | For NicShot Experience the goodness from this mild yet flavourful apple e-juice.
209 kr
Trap Queen
50ML | 70VG/30PG | For NicShot This flavour contains a flavourful ripe strawberry fruit freshly harvested from farm.
209 kr
Bad Blood
50ML | 70VG/30PG | For NicShot One of the most sought-after fruity flavours worldwide market especially in the UK is brewed to perfection.
209 kr
Asap Grape
50ML | 70VG/30PG | For NicShot Black grape combined with ripe berry and other fruits alike produces this delicious grape juice.
209 kr
Devil Teeth
50ML | 70VG/30PG | For NicShot Smooth summery atmosphere best describes the fresh honeydew flavour. The taste when inhaled is pleasing while exhaled is captivating.
209 kr
Wicked Haze
50ML | 70VG/30PG | For NicShot This time we come up with a widely favoured flavour, a mix of blackcurrant and lemonade that creates an incredibly extraordinary exhale taste.
209 kr
Fat Boy
50ML | 70VG/30PG | For NicShot This flavour is a genius blend of ripe mango and exotic mango of the East. The smell of mango is aromatically pungent yet not too overpowering.
209 kr
Slow Blow
50ML | 70VG/30PG | For NicShot The flavour of pineapple layered with lime soda that will surely make you taste its freshness without getting bored!
209 kr
30ML | 60VG/40PG | For NicShot The taste of sweet and sour blackcurrants, exactly as the world most popular blackcurrant juice from Australia.
159 kr
Honeydew Gum
30ML | 60VG/40PG | For NicShot The taste of a juicy honeydew melon, with a slight taste of a tropical bubblegum.
159 kr
Manila Mango
30ML | 60VG/40PG | For NicShot The taste of the world famous sweet ripe yellow mango from Manila in the Philippine.
159 kr
I Am Juicy
60ML | 70VG/30PG | For NicShot Imagine all have your favorite fruits mixed together with a hint of wild strawberry to provide a refreshing, sweet taste with each puff.
219 kr
I Am Tasty
60ML | 70VG/30PG | For NicShot For lovers of sweet and refreshing flavors, Juicy Bar has made for you the best combination of fishing and pear juice that will make you remember that winter is far past us.
219 kr
I Am U Gurt
60ML | 70VG/30PG | For NicShot A sumptuous ice frozen yogurt has blackcurrant flavor.
219 kr
I Am Fresh
60ML | 70VG/30PG | For NicShot A fruity range designed by Nikkilabs laboratory specialist in flavor development.
219 kr
60ML | 70VG/30PG | For NicShot A vanilla cream with a slight hint of almond.
219 kr
60ML | 70VG/30PG | For NicShot A delicious taste of freshly picked strawberries covered with its whipped cream.
219 kr
60ML | 70VG/30PG | For NicShot Your favorite cereal mix linked with whipped cream!
219 kr
Aspire Cleito Pyrexglass
Extra pyrexglas till Aspire Cleito, 3.5ml.
19 kr
Chubby Gorilla Flaska
Chubby Gorilla flaska, 60ml.
19 kr
Strawberries & Cream
60ML | 70VG/30PG Decadently sweet and swirled with luscious cream, this flavor is the ultimate in a fruit lover’s dream.
209 kr
Lemon Curd
60ML | 70VG/30PG Lemon takes on a whole new meaning with this sweet but tart treasure.
209 kr
60ML | 70VG/30PG The name says it all but the flavor finishes it off.
209 kr
Almond & Caramel
60ML | 70VG/30PG Who doesn’t like waffles with smooth and creamy caramel on top?
209 kr
Nitecore Intellicharger SC4
Nitecore SC4 is the next generation of SC2 charger with 4-slot and LCD screen.
439 kr
SMOK TFV8 X-Baby Coil
Extra coil till SMOK TFV8 X-Baby.
49 kr
SMOK TFV8 X-Baby Beast
Among TFV8 series with stylish bottom airflow system, SMOK TFV8 X-Baby features top airflow with redesigned structure and coil.
341 kr
SMOK Alien Kit EU-edition
Alien Kit consists of the Alien 220W mod and the TFV8 Baby tank. Alien 220 MOD has a max 220w output.
879 kr
NicBase VPG
100ML | VG50/PG50 NicBase VPG.
fr. 45 kr
NicBase VPG Optima
100ML | 70VG/30PG NicBase VPG Optima.
fr. 45 kr
Doseringsspruta, 10ML.
49 kr
Koolada ger den "kalla" känslan längst bak i munnen. Perfekt för glass/drink/svalkande smaker.
59 kr
Malic Acid
Malic Acid används för att ge din ejuice en mjuk och kvardröjande sur smak.
59 kr
Ethyl Maltol
Ethyl Maltol används för att att tillsätta extra sötma till din ejuice.
59 kr
Molinberry PG
500ML PG bas från Molinberry.
119 kr
Molinberry VG
500ML VG bas från Molinberry.
119 kr
10ML | Essens This is real TWISTER.
49 kr
Cookie Bite
10ML | Essens Reach in every bite: Belgian chocolate, cocoa beans & milky biscuit.
49 kr
Freaky Donut
10ML | Essens Kind of Freaky! American Donut type of flavor, topped with Strawberry & Blueberry flling and vanilla sprinkles on top.
49 kr
Strawberry Milk
10ML | Essens Truly Strawberry Milky flavor shake with vanilla beans.
49 kr
Crunchy Cereal
10ML | Essens Honey breakfast crunchy cereal flavor with bit of hazelnut and biscuits.
49 kr
Vaporesso NRG GT Coil
Extra coil till Vaporesso NRG.
fr. 49 kr
Vaporesso Revenger TC + NRG Mini
Here comes the Vaporesso Revenger TC Kit with NRG Mini Tank, an 220W output power revenger MOD and 2ml capacity NRG tank.
859 kr
Classic - Beast Melon Kick
30ML | Essens Beast flavour is already popular among those who love energy drinks. This new edition of Beast has a good sour melon flavour and isn’t overly sweet. Forget that you are thirsty with this summer-style flavour everywhere.
149 kr
GeekVape N80 Clapton Wire
24GA+36GA | 3m 10ft GeekVape N80 Clapton Wire (24GA + 36GA) is the best DIY wire for great flavor.
45 kr
G80 MOD has the characteristics of compact size and easy-to-read OLED screen.
649 kr
Desire Mad Dog RDTA MECH
The Desire Mad Dog RDTA Kit is a perfect match of Mad Dod RDTA and Mechanical MOD.
849 kr
Desire Mad Dog RDTA
Desire Mad Dog RDTA is a 7ml huge juice capacity RDTA tank with 24mm diameter.
425 kr
Innokin Endura PRISM T20 Coil
Extra coil till Innokin Endura T20.
22 kr
Innokin Endura T20
T20 är den senaste versionen från Innokins populära serie Endura.
299 kr
Sony IMR VTC5A 18650
Sony VTC5A 2600mAh 35A är ett av marknadens säkraste uppladdningsbara batteri.
99 kr
GeekVape N80 Fused Clapton Wire
24/26/28/30GA+36GA | 3m 10ft GeekVape N80 Fused Clapton Wire (24/26/28/30GA + 36GA) is the best DIY wire for great flavor.
fr. 48 kr
GeekVape N80 Framed Staple Twisted Wire
(26GAx2Twisted+26GAx2)+32GA | 3m GeekVape N80 Framed Staple Twisted Wire (26GAx2 Twisted + 26GAx2) + 32GA is the best DIY wire for super vapor production.
60 kr
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