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Förångare / Carto/Clearo/Atomizer

Aspire Atlantis EVO
The Aspire Atlantis EVO represents the zenith of recent sub-ohm tank evolution. Double wicking efficiency teamed with lower positioned wick points create ultra-efficient juice flow. This optimized design allows high VG E-liquid an even faster route to the coil system. EVO breathes without a hitch when you require thick dense vapor production. EVO tank kit includes 0.4ohm and 0.5ohm coils for optimized vaping experience.
239 kr
Aspire Cleito 120
Rated at 120 Watts, Aspire Cleito 120 tank features 4ml juice capacity, easy top filling, smooth airflow, intense flavor and gigantic vapor production. The Cleito 120 is optimized for high-powered vaping. It is ideal for cloud chasers and vapers who enjoy heavy yet smooth hits.
fr. 309 kr
Aspire Cleito
Introducing the Cleito from Aspire. A sub ohm tank that is more than the sum of its parts. With an all new coil that replaces the standard chimney and delivers maximized airflow and vapor production.
259 kr
Aspire ET-S BVC
Aspire ET-S BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil) har en kapacitet på strax under 3 ml e-juice
79 kr
Aspire K1
Aspires nya minitank med BVC coil.
79 kr
99 kr
Aspire Nautilus Mini
Aspire Nautilus Mini Adjustable Airflow Tank System.
259 kr
279 kr
Aspire Nautilus X
Aspire Nautilus X represents the peak of the Aspire atomizer development curve. Specially designed to provide a premium vaping experience with increased flavor, and unique U-Tech coil technology for all-new airflow performance, this is the future of micro tanks.
349 kr
Aspire Nautilus
Aspire Nautilus Adjustable Airflow Tank System är det hetaste på marknaden. Med sin smarta bas kan du med en enkel vridning justera insugshålet mellan 0,9mm 1,1mm, 1,4mm samt 1,8mm, vilket gör det enklare för dig att uppnå det motstånd och känsla du önskar.
279 kr
319 kr
Aspire Quad-Flex Survival
Aspire Quad-Flex Survival is an innovative 4-in-1 tank kit, which can be used as Nautilus X tank, RTA, RDA and Squonk style RDA. Quad-Flex will meet your different vaping needs.
fr. 499 kr
Aspire Vivi Nova-S
Vivi Nova-S är en uppgraderad version av Vivi Nova BDC.
37 kr
86 kr
CE4+ V2
CE4 Clearomizer som finns i flera olika färger och passar utmärkt på eGo-batterier. Den har 1,6 ml kapacitet och 2,5 - 2,9 Ohm motstånd.
fr. 23 kr
fr. 29 kr
En vidareutveckling av vår hittills mest populära clearomizer, CE4. CE5 har sina vekar inuti det perforerade metallröret och är mindre benägen att läcka eller smaka bränt.
39 kr
Cigret Multi Tips
Cigret Multi Tips passar utmärkt på eGo-batterier. Den har 1,6 ml kapacitet och 2,5 - 2,9 Ohm motstånd.
59 kr
99 kr
Desire Mad Dog RDA
Desire Mad Dog RDA is a luxurious rebuildable dripper tank. It comes with double convex 2-post build decks, which is designed for clapton and fused coils.
299 kr
eLeaf iJust S Atomizer
iJust S atomizer comes with 4ml e-juice capacity, which will decrease the frequency of refilling e-juice. The e-juice can be easily refilled by removing the top cap only. Also all parts of the iJust S atomizer can be detached and reassembled, bringing much more convenience in cleaning and maintenance.
fr. 149 kr
eLeaf iPipe 2 Atomizer
Extra atomizer till iSmoka eLeaf iPipe II.
92 kr
109 kr
eLeaf LYCHE w. RBA Head
iSmoka eLeaf LYCHE Atomizer with RBA Head, Silver applied the latest Stainless Steel Notchcoil (NC 0.25ohm head) which can work with high wattage MODs.
289 kr
eLeaf MELO 3
The new MELO 3 adopts the top e-liquid filling design for ease of refilling e-liquid by removing the top cap only. Its detachable structure brings more convenience in maintenance.
229 kr
eLeaf MELO 300
The MELO 300 features a new powerful ES Sextuple-0.17ohm head that consists of six coils and is rated as an ultra high power of 100-300W for huge vapor production.
265 kr
eLeaf Melo RT 22
Eleaf Melo RT 22 Atomizer features its innovative Retractable Top (RT) solution which makes e-liquid refilling the easiest and most convenient ever.
168 kr
Footoon AQUA FX Sub
QUA FX is the first ready to use atomizer for all vapors from Footoon. Provides better taste, easy and flexible usage.
335 kr
479 kr
GeekVape Aeolus UBDC
GeekVape Aeolus UBDC Tank - 4.2ml, it's the first subohm tank compatible with both Clapton coil and UBDC coil.
309 kr
GeekVape Ammit RTA
The Geekvape Ammit is a new, innovative RTA that is specifically made for single coil build. Its unique, three-dimensional airflow, produces brilliant and unrivaled flavor.
fr. 299 kr
GeekVape Avocado 24 RDTA Bottom Airflow
GeekVape Avocado 24 RDTA Tank with Bottom Airflow is an upgraded version of Geekvape Avocado RTA.
fr. 319 kr
GeekVape Avocado 24 RDTA Color Edition
With the bigger capacity in 5ml, GeekVape Avocado 24 RDTA is an upgraded version of Geekvape Avocado RTA. Inheriting Genesis structure and velocity style dual post deck, Avocado 24 is easy to build and refill. You will enjoy perfect flavor experience with Avocado 24.
349 kr
GeekVape Avocado 24 RDTA
With the bigger capacity in 5ml, GeekVape Avocado 24 RDTA Tank is an upgraded version of Geekvape Avocado RTA.
fr. 339 kr
GeekVape Avocado Genesis RTA
GeekVape Avocado Genesis RTA Tank - 3.0ml, it's the newest Geekvape genesis structure tank with velocity style dual post deck. It’s easy to build, easy to fill and gives perfect flavor.
279 kr
GeekVape Eagle
GeekVape Eagle Tank is a unique subohm tank with handbuild coil (HBC), which features fancier's build quality, rewickable cotton and cleanable coil. Together with various optional HBC coils, you will enjoy a great vaping experience with it. Top Airflow Version with travel-to-the-coil structure for more airflow.
fr. 379 kr
GeekVape Griffin 25 Mini RTA
GeekVape Griffin 25 Mini RTA Tank has a smaller juice capacity in 3ml. The improved Velocity structure provides a large space of juice capacity. Griffin 25 Mini features 18mm build deck for easier build. You can enjoy both top and bottom airflow or just simple bottom airflow. 2 drip tips available.
fr. 329 kr
GeekVape Griffin 25 Plus RTA
GeekVape Griffin 25 Plus RTA Tank features a large capacity in 5ml. The improved Velocity structure provides large space. Griffin 25 Plus features 18.9mm build deck for easier build.
fr. 399 kr
GeekVape Griffin 25 RTA Top Airflow
GeekVape Griffin 25 RTA Top Airflow Tank - 6ml is an upgraded version of Griffin and features 17mm build deck, 6ml juice capacity, clicking-clock positions airflow control and travel-to-the-coil top airflow.
399 kr
GeekVape Griffin RTA
GeekVape Griffin RTA Tank - 3.5ml It is the first rebuildable tank atomizer with the biggest deck and Clapton coil compatibility!
329 kr
Geekvape Illusion
Say hello to the Geekvape Illusion Sub Ohm Tank - 4.5ml. Geekvape Illusion is a sub ohm tank that produces an outstanding vapor production and smooth & tasteful flavor.
fr. 249 kr
GeekVape Tsunami 24 RDA w. Window
Inheriting highlights of Tsunami 24, the Glass Window Version allows vaper to check out coil and wick directly. 24mm diameter larger space accommodates more cotton for wicking. With the hollow positive pin, Tsunami 24 RDA can work with Squonk MODs.
fr. 339 kr
GeekVape Tsunami 24 RDA
Inheriting all the features of the previous Tsunami, GeekVape Tsunami 24 RDA Atomizer has a bigger diameter in 24mm. The larger space accommodate more cotton.
319 kr
Horizon Arctic Turbo
The Arctic Turbo is the next evolution in sub ohm tanks. It features Horizon Tech's new Sextuple coil design featuring triple independent chambers with dual vertical coils in each giving it the ability to handle up to 120 watts with ease.
359 kr
IJOY COMBO RDTA is a new great work after IJOY Limitless RDTA, which features interchangeable gold plated decks and pre-made coils. With the COMBO RDTA, you can use the any deck you like. With an optional RDA base, COMBO RDTA can be assembled into COMBO RDA.
429 kr
iJoy Limitless 24 RDA
IJOY Limitless 24 RDA is a rebuildable tank with 24 diameter. It features 2-post gold-plated build deck, adjustable pin with Insulator, bottom & top Airflow and deep juice well. Moreover, the deck comes with 12 mm post distance and 2.5 mm holes. Limitless 24 RDA is the right tank for your to enjoy amazing flavor and great vapor!
269 kr
iJoy Limitless RDTA Classic Edition
IJOY LIMITLESS RDTA classic edition features interchangeable decks design - 11 optional decks/ coils in total. The pre-installed postless IMC-7 deck is designed for high levels of flavor creation, allowing users to create even more dynamic horizontal coil.
499 kr
iJoy Limitless RDTA
iJoy Limitless RDTA Atomizer - 4ml, is a rebuildable genesis style tank with 2 post deck. With 4ml juice capacity, iJoy Limitless RDTA features innovative side filling, adjustable airflow, Hybrid compatible and innovative cotton reservoirs.
fr. 349 kr
iJoy Limitless SUB OHM
IJOY Limitless sub ohm Tank is an elegant tank with great features. Elegant design, convenient top filling and innovative light-up chip coil, all contribute to an impressive vaping experience. And you can extend the tank to 6ml with optional accessories.
239 kr
iJoy Limitless XL
IJOY Limitless XL comes with pre-made 0.15ohm coil, dual coil deck and single coil deck. With 4 ml tank reservoir, IJOY Limitless XL tank & RTA features direct to coil fan-styled airflow control ring, a unique rebuildable and swappable deck system, 19.8 mm diameter big building deck and top filling.
fr. 499 kr
iJoy Tornado Hero RTA
IJOY Tornado Hero RTA & Sub Ohm Tank inherits many great designs of the original IJOY Tornado RDTA, but comes with new features.
fr. 389 kr
iJoy Tornado RDTA
iJoy Tornado RDTA Tank - 5ml, aims directly at a recreating high powered RDA experience with the benefits of a tank. The Tornado T4 build deck features a two post Velocity style design with two 2mm diameter terminal per post, allowing for easy mounting of dual coil builds.
309 kr
Innokin iSub APEX5
The new iSub APEX5 is an upgrade to Innokin's best selling iSub Apex tank.
369 kr
Innokin iSubV-Vortex
The iSubV TC/VW Edition – includes the new flagship Innokin iSubV-Vortex Tank and two iSub coils.
189 kr
Innokin SlipStream RDA
The Innokin SlipStream RDA Atomizer has the compact size and great leak proof design.
159 kr
Joyetech Cuboid Mini
Joyetech Cuboid Mini Atomizer - 5ml is the same tank as that in Cuboid Mini Kit, which features top filling and top airflow design (TFTA), detachable and washable structure as well as multiple atomizer heads options.
fr. 146 kr
fr. 209 kr
Joyetech eGo One Mini
The eGo ONE Mini 1.8ml Atomizer tank is designed for the eGo ONE Mini 850mAh battery. Holding 1.8ml of e-liquid the eGo ONE Mini tank also has an adjustable air inlet which allows you to customize your vaping experience by simply turning the dial to open up the air intake.
fr. 139 kr
fr. 199 kr
Joyetech ORNATE
Joyetech ORNATE Atomizer comes with new MGS heads, especially the MGS triple coil head with three distinct airflow channels. The ORNATE delivers considerable vapor with minimal loss of flavor. 6ml e-juice capacity.
399 kr
Joyetech Ultimo Atomizer
Joyetech Ultimo Atomizer - 4ml adopts new top filling system and has improved adjustable airflow control. New MG series heads especially provide great vaping experience, including the innovative MG Ceramic-0.5ohm head with long-lasting lifespan brings you a pure flavor ever.
399 kr
KangerTech AeroTank Mega
KangerTech AeroTank Mega erbjuder samma fantastiska funktioner och prestanda som KangerTech Protank serien. Denna clearomizer kommer i rostfritt stål och använder sig av en dual coil.
349 kr
KangerTech Aerotank Plus
The Kanger Aerotank Plus Cartomizer features a unique drip tip that caters to mouth to lung users. Along with the Aerotank style adjustable airflow valve, it will bring you amazing vaping experience!
299 kr
KangerTech CLTANK 2.0
Kangertech CLTANK Clearomizer - 2ml, is the latest clearomizer from kanger with child lock. The CLTANK features top filling, leak-free design, Pyrex glass and new airflow. You can use it with a VW MOD or TC MOD.
249 kr
KangerTech CLTANK 4.0
Kangertech CLTANK Clearomizer - 4ml, is the latest clearomizer from kanger with child lock. The CLTANK features top filling, leak-free design, Pyrex glass and new airflow. You can use it with a VW MOD or TC MOD.
269 kr
KangerTech DOTA RDTA
The Kanger DOTA RDTA (Rebuildable Drip Tank Atomizer) features both dripping and tanks. Along with a velocity style deck which caters to your favorite dual coil builds, it will bring you the best vaping experience ever!
239 kr
KangerTech Subtank Mini-C
The Subtank Mini-C Cartomizer offers a top-fill option for easy e-liquid refills, which can be accessed by unscrewing the top cap. It has a 3.0ml e-Liquid capacity with a leak resistant glass tank cup design.
169 kr
KangerTech T3D
KangerTech T3D (D = dual coil) är efterföljaren till T3S (single coil) och rymmer 2.2ml vätska.
59 kr
79 kr
SMOKtech eGo Cloud Tank (ECT) är en ny supersolid Subohm-tank. Nya eGo Cloud Tank (ECT) tanken är liten och att perfekt att ta med ut.
119 kr
SMOK Micro TFV4 - 2.5ml features three type of heating cores for different vaping needs: sub-ohm core (0.3ohm Micro CLP2) , standard resistance core (1.8ohm Micro MTL) and rebuildable single clapton core (Micro RCA).
fr. 349 kr
SKYHOOK RDTA is a new cloud beast tank from SMOK which fires up to 260 watts.
fr. 343 kr
SMOK Spirals
SMOK Spirals is a 22mm diameter with built-in large size coil head adopts Japan imported cotton, brand new coil and precise wicking hole.
fr. 339 kr
SMOK TF-RDTA Tank - 5ml features big replaceable deck, hidden sealing ring and innovative juice flow control system, swivel-cap top filling and side airflow slots direct-to-coil design.
339 kr
SMOK TF-RTA - 4.5ml is a awesome rebuildable tank atomizer. TF-RTA has 2 editions, one with quad-coil G4 deck and the other with dual-post velocity G2 deck. TF-RTA brings dense flavorful clouds to you.
379 kr
The beast tank has grown to be incredibly strong and wild, with a 27mm chest.
fr. 493 kr
The TFV4 Mini is a compact tank from SMOK. With 22 mm in diameter, this mini tank matches a wide range of mods.
389 kr
The TFV4 is new design out by Smok, and it just maybe one of the best tank in history.
449 kr
SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast
TFV8 Baby, with about 2/3 size of TFV8, adopts new Turbo engines - V8 Baby-Q2 Dual Core, V8 Baby-X4 Quad Core and optional V8 Baby RBA. Meanwhile, its airflow system: the bottom pair air-slots, the air chamber, the drip tip, are re-designed after precise calculations and optimizations. All those efforts ensure that TFV8 Baby is another Cloud Beast - a Baby Beast. TFV8 baby is the best choice for mini tank fans.
fr. 319 kr
SMOK TFV8 Big Baby Beast
TFV8 Big Baby, an enlarged version based on TFV8 baby, adopts new V8 Baby-X4 quadruple core, V8 Baby-T6 sextuple core and V8 Baby RBA.
fr. 429 kr
SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast
TFV8 brings the great power which will change your vaping life. TFV8 - the top level sub ohm atomizer, which adopts 4 Unique Patented Turbo Engines: V8-T8, V8-T6, V8-Q4 and V8 RBA, all of these make it to be a real Cloud Beast!
fr. 519 kr
VGOD TRICKTANK PRO RDTA Atomizer is constructed of High Grade Stainless Steel and Glass. It is designed perfectly for the on-the-go user or those who prefer not to drip but still want a full flavored experience. Along with the easy side fill design and direct bottom draw airflow, it will offer you the best vaping experience!
fr. 799 kr
Vision Vapros V-Spot
En stilren, fantastiskt snygg tank i pyrex glass som ger bra med ånga och bra med smak. Perfekt att kombinera med Nunchaku batteriet från samma serie.
59 kr
139 kr
WISMEC Cylin RTA atomizer, designed by JayBo, is an auto dripping system which utilizes a removable tank section. The Cylin atomizer can become both a dripper or tank system with juice flow adjustment. The removable tank section is also compatible with other dripping atomizers, converting them into auto drippers. It will bring you the best vaping experience!
259 kr
Wismec Inde Duo RDA By Jaybo applied detachable structure, optional atomizer tube, convenient airflow control and unique vortex flow. These innovative designs make INDE DUO stand out from mainstream RDA atomizers.
229 kr
329 kr